Partners’ evening at Groupe Cible

ciblebgEntreprise africaine innovante certifiée ISO 9001 qui délivre des solutions d’études et de conseil au Cameroun et en Afrique subsaharienne depuis 30 année.

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On mars 4, 2020

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On Thursday, February 26, 2020, the CIBLE Group organized at the Hotel la Falaise in Bonapriso, an evening in honor of its various current and potential partners. The event, which mobilized more than 250 participants, lasted 4 hours. After an introductory presentation on the concept of win-win partnership, the Group’s CEO took the floor to say a big thank you to all the institutions and individuals who have supported the Target Group in general and TARGET HR in particular over the past two years. The DGA of CIBLE RH, while thanking once again everyone for all their support, presented the main innovations of the CIBLE Group’s offers for the coming years. After testimonials from a few partners, the evening ended with the sharing of a meal offered by the Group.

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